it was a pretty spontaneous decision to create a platform to organise some of the thoughts i’ve been desiring to share with everyone on the music which so inspires me everyday.

the idea to start this blog was perhaps conceived by my desire to share western art music with the wider population. classical music, as it is referred to in common parlance, has often been labelled as elitist and incomprehensible. many find that classical music is enjoyable to listen to, but difficult to appreciate beyond background music.

i’ve also noticed that many friends and students, especially those with little background in classical music, feel lost and perplexed. this is especially so with the accessibility of information today, where music can be streamed conveniently through services such as Spotify. many questions, such as ‘what is the difference between all these recordings of the same work’‘what should i listen to first’‘what makes a good classical music performance’ arise.

i hope that this can be a platform for aspiring music lovers, adult learners… to better appreciate classical music, and henceforth deepen their love and appreciation for it. i would love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at analoguelistener@gmail.com with your two cents worth, any questions you may have or things you would love to read about here.

– AL


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