i’m pretty obsessed with records and urtexts.

occasionally, i write about the music i’ve enjoyed; both on record and live. i hope that this can be a platform to bridge the gap for anyone who desires to better appreciate classical music, and henceforth deepen their love and appreciation for it.

i want to listen to classical music, how do i begin?

there are so many recordings of the same work – which should i start with?

all of the recordings sound similar! what are the differences?

these are some of the questions many of my friends and students have on classical music. i probably don’t have any direct and simple answers to these, but i do hope to shed some light and demystify the music through writing.

i would love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at analoguelistener@gmail.com with your two cents worth, any questions you may have or things you would love to read about here.

– AL